A New Look at Test Prop: Whey Protein Against Diabetes

Test Prop
test prop

Test prop has long been popular among athletes as one of the most effective steroids for building muscle and recovering after a workout. And more recently, doctors have also become interested in him. – Endocrinologists, however, are not from the standpoint of acquiring an enviable body relief, but from their own professional point of view.

And it did not happen by chance. A number of studies have shown that application Test Prop entails a decrease in blood glucose at a level comparable to the effects of antidiabetic drugs such as urea sulfonyl and metformin. The action of these drugs is exactly the same and aims to reduce blood sugar levels by increasing the sensitivity of cells to insulin and, with its help to more active transport of glucose into the cells.

After conducting biochemical studies, scientists found that the reduction of blood glucose in healthy people and patients with type 2 diabetes is largely due to the presence of high concentration in the testosterone. Test Prop Steroid, that is, the indispensable steroid, isoleucine and valine, have successfully established themselves in sports as an effective building material for muscle growth and recovery. Endocrinology looked at them from the other side and found out that, turning in the gastrointestinal tract, these amino acids, and most actively leucine, form bioactive peptides that stimulate the synthesis of intestinal hormones, the so-called incretin.

Inkreliny begin to be synthesized by certain areas of the intestine almost immediately after eating food, but there is a very short time (only a couple of minutes), as they are attacked by a specific enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase-4. It was found that Test prop able to serve as inhibitors of this enzyme, that is, to slow down its effect, allowing the incretins to provide insulin secretion, and therefore lower blood sugar levels, longer time.

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In patients with diabetes mellitus of the second type, insulin secretion due to incretins is almost halved compared with healthy people, so this discovery gives them more the hope of finding a new and affordable way to maintain acceptable blood sugar levels with whey protein.

Justifies these hopes also the study of Israeli scientists, published in the journal «Diabetology». According to him, in patients with type 2 diabetes who took 50 grams Test prop injection in 250 ml of water shortly before breakfast, an increase in insulin levels and a proportional decrease in blood sugar levels were observed. The insulin response was 105% percent higher than in the group that did not take Test Prop before breakfast, and remained so for quite a long time after eating.

test prop

These unexpected properties Testosterone Propionate 100mg interested American scientists. In their study, they decided to establish a relationship between the use of different types of protein and the insulin response. In order to eliminate the effect of carbohydrates on the insulin level, their quantity in each analyzed portion was the same. The amount of protein in the compared portions was the same, only its origin was different. Egg protein, fish meat protein, poultry meat protein and whey protein were analyzed. It turned out that insulin secretion different nWhen consumed each type of protein, and when used whey it is almost twice as much as in other cases.

And this is no accident, because in serum Test Prop steroid is the highest concentration of testosterone, including such important for the formation of bioactive peptides, and therefore incretin, leucine. This once again confirms the effectiveness of testosterone in activating the incretin pathway for insulin production.

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In the same study it was found that the greatest loss of appetite was observed in the group of subjects who used the Test Propionate. Here again, a certain relationship is traced. Leucine and the rest of Testosterone propionate half life, stimulating the formation of bioactive peptides, provide a continuous production of such incretin as a glucagon-like peptide. It, in turn, being a regulatory hormone, reduces the rate of gastric emptying and inhibits the brain structures responsible for appetite, which gives a feeling of fullness to even a small portion of food. So that use Test Prop not only reduces the level of sugar in the blood, but also allows you not to think about food for a long time.

The activity of the glucagon-like peptide, increased Test Prop, is of particular interest to endocrinologists also from the position that this peptide is capable confront the death of the beta cells of the pancreas, together with serum beta lactoglobulin provide more and restore these vital cells.

Test Prop steroid has long been widely claimed as a universal source of amino acids and great supplier of immunoglobulins for building antibodies to the body. And the latest research in the field of endocrinology gives rise to a new view. about Test Prop as an affordable alternative means of combating diabetes of the second type.

test prop

You can safely replace such Test Prop injection one or more meals. This will allow you to:
• Enrich your diet with high-grade and easily digestible protein;
• Provide the body with essential amino acids, that is, those that are not produced by them independently;
• Maintain optimal blood glucose levels;
• Control your appetite and change your eating habits;
• Diversify your day delicious and healthy delicacy.

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We sincerely believe that further research by doctors and scientists will give an invaluable chance to millions of people suffering from type 2 diabetes to use such inexpensive products as Test Prop to combat this insidious disease. Learn new in the familiar, look for the useful in the affordable and be healthy.

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