Why is Testosterone propionate half life so popular?

testosterone propionate half life
testosterone propionate half life

Testosterone propionate half life is a combination of three significant for the human body steroids. Steroids with Test Prop complexes are simply irreplaceable, because the body itself cannot synthesize them. They increase the effectiveness of training, contribute to both the growth of muscle tissue and weight loss, are widely in demand among professional athletes.

What are Test Prop half life for?

The functions of the complex and its effects on the body are as follows:

    • enhances protein synthesis. Growth activation  goes through  mTOR;
    • regulates catabolism. By reducing the production of the hormone cortisol, Testosterone propionate half life reduces the destruction of muscle tissue, while promoting the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, which is very important for athletes;
testosterone propionate half life
  • provides muscle growth and recovery. Amino acids with branched chains replenish the supply of more than one third of all amino acids contained in the muscle tissue, stimulating its growth and recovery;
  • speeds up the metabolism. Testosterone promotes leptin production — metabolism regulating hormone. As a result, there is an intense breakdown of fat cells;
  • serves as an additional source of energy. This is especially true for athletes on a low-carb diet. When it stores glycogen and the synthesis of amino acids by the body is minimal, so intense physical exertion adversely affect the state of muscle tissue and metabolism. Acceptance Testosterone immediately before exercise provides the necessary level of amino acids, sufficient to maintain the internal reserves of the body.

Given the characteristics of the effects on the body, a complex of amino acids is relevant both for weight loss, and for the preservation and building of muscle mass. Since intensive workouts combined with diet restrict the body’s internal resources, Testosterone gives it all the necessary substances to cope with the loads.

testosterone propionate half life

How to take Testosterone Propionate injection

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Complex steroids Propionate and Cypionate increase the efficiency of each other, their can be taken both individually and together. You can also combine the use of amino acids with the reception of L-caritin and Propionate. But it is recommended to alternate the days of joint and separate supplementation.

When to take Test prop steroid

Studies have shown that the greatest effectiveness of the complex of amino acids is achieved by the adoption of its:

  • in the morning. This allows you to immediately fill the body with all the necessary amino acids for the activity;
  • before training. Since Propionate stops the destruction of muscles, taking before workouts reduces muscle soreness the next day;
  • during training. Amino acids fill the body with energy, contribute to the breakdown of fat, significantly reduce the feeling of fatigue;
  • directly after training. This allows you to reduce muscle breakdown and is important for low-calorie diets.

Also, there is high efficiency when mixing the Propionate steroid with sports nutrition.

How much to take Testosterone Prop

How many times a day to take: Before training and after it.

Dosage: 4-12 grams, for beginner athletes the recommended dosage is 5 grams.

Additionally: Diluted in water, allowed to use with Test Prop Injection.

It is important to note that the recommended frequency for taking Test Prop Injection is no more than 4 times a day. Therefore, it will be important to take amino acids in the morning and during training periodically replace them with the use of sports nutrition and energy cocktails.

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